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Vintage American cars

19 Jul
Auf dem Platz

In Sæby close to Frederikshavn in North Jutland. Experience a very large selection of old veteran and vintage cars this evening.


24 Jul
Auf dem Platz

Long or short sighted? The eye clinic, Memira, visits and tells you how to get a better vision through an eye surgery at hedebo camping in Sæby close to Frederikshavn North Jutland.

Music for the youngest

25 Jul
Auf dem Platz

Music, fun and entertainment for the youngest at hedebo strand camping in Sæby North Jutland.

Palm Beach Festival

28 Jul - 29 Jul
In der Gegend

This year's hottest party with lots of activities on Palm Beach. The ticket also gives you access to discounts around Frederikshavn in North Jutland.

Astrology in Cloos Tower

30 Jul
In der Gegend

Come and experience everything from astrology to Aloe Vera, jewelry and massage at the Cloos Tower in Sæby North Jutland.

Rasmus Nøhr at garden party

30 Jul 13:00 20:00
In der Gegend

In Sæby close to Skagen in North Jutland. Garden party with famous musician Rasmus Nøhr.

Season end

10 Sep
Auf dem Platz

Campsite in Sæby close to Frederikshavn in North Jutland. In 2018 the season begins March 17th where you can have a long stay with low prices.

Squeezebox festival

17 Sep 14:00
In der Gegend

In Frederikshavn North Jutland. The musical house has a varied program of harmonic music at the squeezebox festival. You can enjoy both Danish and international musicians.