Dauercamping Nordjütland Dänemark

2.3.18 Cheap season ticket Fårup Sommerland

As long stay camper at Hedebo Strand Camping you may buy cheap season tickets to Fårup Summerland at the price of 500 DKK each - normal price is 600 DKK. Must be ordered in week 13.

Low season

10 days cheap camping|1,200 DKK + el Long stay

STANDARD SITE 10 DAYS. For 2 persons in low season - not on public holidays (see cottage bargains).

Luxury cottage

Stay 2 nights|1.300 DKK incl 4 pers and el Weekends

CABINS 4,5,20,21,22,23,24,25. Applies to weekends in a luxury cottage during low season (23/3 - 22/6 and 12/8 - 9/9 (incl). Do not apply on public holidays.